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The Beirut Enterprise Analysis to Al Ahram English Edition

From Al Ahram, 7 - 13 October 2010, Issue No. 1018, reporting on the tensions in Lebanon caused by the Special Tribunal fro Lebanon.

Karim Al-Mufti, a Beirut-based political analyst, said the Syrians had issued such warrants before and that since they were unlikely to have a practical effect, they would eventually "wash away". "This is a message of support for 8 March [Hizbullah and its allies]. And it shows that even though Al-Hariri has improved relations with Syria, there are still a lot of tensions."

Al-Mufti pointed out that Lebanon could not abolish the court or influence its workings, regardless of any statement about guilt that Al-Hariri made, or pressure from the opposition. "All you can decide on is whether to cooperate or not," he said. "If the tribunal asks to question or arrest suspects, that's the role of the Lebanese police, and this is where it mingles with Lebanese domestic affairs."


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